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Roses Assortment 2024

We regularly update our range of cut roses in close cooperation with our growers.
So it is always worth stopping by.


You can now find our entire range in our 2024 catalogue, which is available to download here as a PDF file:


Quite honestly, it doesn't correspond to our mentality to put ourselves in the center here. It's a bit like Stein's famous poem: A rose is a rose is a rose...


We are gardeners, are gardeners, are gardeners...


Today we, Wolfgang and Petra Klümpen, run the company founded by Matthias Klümpen in 1973 with 25,000 square meters of greenhouse space and another 3,000 square meters of open space. Vegetables and cut flowers were originally grown here. A down-to-earth beginning which we are very proud of. We also take pride in our main culture because in 1985 everything was specialised in the cultivation of cut roses with the eucalyptus in our outdoor area remaining the only exception. We both grew up in rose gardening families, we fell in love as rose gardeners and work and live with the whole family directly on the farm. Our children will grow up with roses once again and it will be exciting to see whether they will decide to make the roses the center of their lives, too. And now let's talk about roses because that's what we love most!

From the young plant to the cut rose

Even at the risk of inspiring our competition:

yes, we are committed to sustainability. It starts with the roses getting a beauty sleep in winter. That means no light, even though the lamps are all still installed, no extra heat, although our heating methods with predominantly vegetable oil and biogas have already been chosen in the interests of sustainability and we work with carefully selected, resistant varieties. You could say that our choice of rose is also determined by its intrinsic values.


Our rose growers see us several times a year because we don't make it easy for ourselves to choose the right one, the one variety that we choose for our range!


But it is precisely this choice of the most robust, fungus- and pest-resistant rose varieties that also makes it easier for us to keep our plants healthy. We do so with beneficial insects, making conventional phytosanitary measures the very last choice. We'd rather feed our beloved beneficial insects with special food when our roses are just too healthy to feed them all.


This is important to us, these are our values. Just like a harmonious staff management and the highest plant quality. And by the way, it also just feels better when the children visit us in the greenhouse.

Thank you for your message!


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