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Our Assortment

Our rose varieties from March 2024

Hybrid tea

Hybrid tea special: Double rose petals

Eucalyptus "Baby Blue"

The ideal addition to our lovingly selected range of roses grows on our 3,000 square meter outdoor area: healthy, vigorously grown eucalyptus in the blue-green variety Baby Blue.


We love the scent and the free-spirited growth form that almost appears to be dancing and gesticulating. And when the wind blows through this culture, it is always an impressive spectacle for us too.


Eucalyptus has become indispensable in modern floristry and especially in current wedding decorations. It is used as a symbol of vintage and cheeky naturalness and our Baby Blue variety in particular has its own justification in this context.


Even when dried, this plant retains its natural charm, which of course makes it even more versatile and permanently interesting.

A single branch of eucalyptus in the shower is an absolute insider tip, spreading its soothing aroma with the hot water and thus offering a very special wellness experience.


But back to the particularly pleasant color of Baby Blue, as of course this variety has its place in our range because of its wonderful appearance. The blue-velvety green of the leaves is simply noticeable and gives the eye a very special calm in an interesting shape. So just keep an eye out for our Baby Blue, as eucalyptus is not just eucalyptus!


Buy our roses

From summer 2024 you will find our entire range in our Floriday catalogue. We offer the options clock presale, direct sale and web shop.

We also sell our roses at the following auctions:

  • Veiling Rhein - Maas in Herongen

  • Flora Holland in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg.

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